About Us

I am an experienced product & project manager, researcher, and instructor, with over three years of practical leadership in efficiency analysis, logistical support and experiential research. I have an extensive background of instruction, training, and curriculum development in a wide range of contexts and skill sets, including university coursework, data analysis and research skills, technology and software, and vocational and interpersonal training.

I have a proven track record of advocating for user and customer interests, and a passion for conducting both quantitative and qualitative data-driven research. I have a particular knack for translating qualitative data into quantitative data and vice versa. I am a master of policy & process documentation.

I am comfortable in both agile, start-up oriented environments and in more established spaces.

My professional expertise: management, data analysis & interpretation, logistics & resource acquisition, policy & process documents, user interactivity, teaching & mentorship, web & graphic design, writing, communication.